Figurative artist drawing familiar stories (maybe yours) on paper/canvas

People who view my work, often say that my work creates a story that reflects their own. Quite often that story is one of overcoming a struggle or peaceful nostalgia.

I am Mays Mayhew, and I create artwork that helps people immerse themselves in stories of overcoming and introspection. The works are skillfully drawn images of women. The repeated figures tell stories in a simple beautiful way. Repetition causes dualities. -Dualities like the literal drawn image juxtapose with the untold story behind the work. I use graphite pencils for the hauntingly beautiful silver monochromic environment they create.

About me: My rural background is grounded in work-ethic-driven farm life. Although a city-dweller for most of my adult life, the farm work ethic enabled a dual career.

After art school, I balanced a corporate career while continually producing art. Now, I am a professional full-time artist balanced with creating a homestead and homeschooling young children.

If you’d like to have a piece of artwork that elicits conversation or shows your struggle or strength then click here to view my gallery.

When I saw what Mays had created for me and learned why she did it, tears came to my eyes. She does great work, has excellent craftsmanship, and professionalism. She creates more than a realistic-looking portrait.
— Alexa S.
About the “Brain On Love” series:
Inspired by an intellectual curiosity about the physiology of love and the echo of its disappearance, her work is wistful and fun, as a quite serious aspect pervades it. “
— Paul Klein, art critic Art Review in Huffington Post
I have been following the art of Mays Mayhew for sometime now. I find her work visually enigmatic and it always makes me think about the relationship of the figurative images within the work and their relationship to us.
— Sergio Gomez Gallery Director, 33 Collective Art Gallery Co-founder, ARTNXTLevel Director of Exhibitions, Zhou B Art Center